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Crusaders team photo

In addition to my academic and vocational pursuits, I've always managed to find time for a range of extra-curricular activities. I've always loved sports and although I'm not particularly great at any of them, I like to get involved and play as much as I can. I've always been most involved in football and during my PhD had the opportunity to play quite a lot. With football I've always applied my excessive organisational skills where possible and since I was 16 have often been the organiser of the games I play in. The responsibilities are fairly low in most cases but ensuring the pitches are booked, that there are enough players and that the financial side is handled with care can be tricky at times. That said, I've always enjoyed being organised and being the organiser means I always get to play!

Heysham GolfIn addition to football, I also organise and coordinate a number of other events that require considerable planning. A few selected events can be found in the portfolio section of this website under the section entitled events coordinator.

Although I often have a gym membership wherever I live, I find my dedication to gym activities is limited. Thankfully football keeps the majority of the calories from beer and cake at bay. For now. While I was in Lancaster I began getting more into golf, playing every couple of weeks over the last year. Now that I've moved across the pond I'm excited to try out the new courses and enjoy some sun for once! Back in the UK snooker received a fair bit of attention as well, though I fear that will be limited from now on given that the weather is great and I haven't seen a snooker table anywhere!

SnookerAfter sports, exercise and organising things there's only so much time left in the day but I also try and make time for photography, travel and music/video making. I've been a keen amateur photographer for a number of years but unfortunately have never really had enough time to hone my skills to the levels needed to make anything of the photos I take. However, combining my loves for photography and travel comes pretty easily and wherever I go I try to take a few photos that I'm proud of, even if it's just with my phone! During my PhD I didn't dedicate much time/money to really adventurous travelling but before my PhD I've been extremely lucky to have travelled all over the world and now I'm in the USA I'm determined to make the most of it and travel around a lot.

Once I've depleted nearly all my spare time the last thing I try to fit in is listening to new music (mostly electronic), video editing and playing games. I have a twitter account dedicated to the music that I love and try to share a new song as often as possible. See the left of this page for my recent tweets from that account.

My Music Tweets

MusicAndy007 @paultanger preach! Even Nort Korea agrees! https://t.co/1xJPZO0lbW
MusicAndy007 @paultanger the problem is that the people having the conversation aren't the data collectors
MusicAndy007 It's been a long while since I posted here but this is just too funky not to post! Check it @mgwhitfield https://t.co/OCBfERmiFN
MusicAndy007 #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain here's another, smaller gif for download and link to Twitter: https://t.co/uxjrVJY0s9
MusicAndy007 If you want a GIF for your post on social media, here's a couple: https://t.co/oteC8awLFi https://t.co/kXu3WcZVtH #MakeDonaldDrumpfAgain