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And that's because I love things when they're organised. Similarly I really enjoy organising events and feeling the satisfaction that it's been organised so well that it can only go well. It may be the boy scout in me - "Always be prepared" or simply a very mild case of OCD, but either way I am never satisfied until something is complete. By the way, I'm aware that this very website is a contradiction to that statement! In this section of my website you'll find information about some of the things I have organised in the past and, if I get round to adding them, events I'm organising for the future. Loosely, these come under two categories... sports/social, and work events.

Links to separate webpages are below and if you have any questions about a future event don't hesitate to contact me!

Sports and social events

  • CEH Football - Tuesday lunchtime football in Lancaster; still going but no longer organised by me.
  • GameDay Lancaster - An 'Amazing Race' style scavenger hunt I organised in Lancaster in 2012.
  • GameWeekend Lancaster - The same concept as GameDay but this time over a whole weekend in 2013.
  • Game24 Lancaster - One more time for good faith and this time only 24 hours and in 2014. 

Work events

  • Bioenergy Symposium - A small conference I organised in Lancaster for early career researchers in bioenergy.
  • EGU 2014 Session SSS 6.1 - A session at the European Geophysical Union general meeting that I was convener and chair for.
  • EGU 2015 Session SSS 5.2 - A session that I organised along with Dr Raúl Zornoza but sadly could not attend.