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Andy headshot←This is me, I added a bit of a vignette effect and some sepia tone as it made it a bit more interesting than just a picture of my face! Photography and playing around with Photoshop are some things that I enjoy doing in my spare time, as is organising things and playing sports. While the main purpose of this website is to give myself an online presence and help share my research and work, this section also includes some other details of my life. Using the dropdown menus up at the top of the page or links at the bottom you should be able to click around and on the right here is the twitter feed from my personal account →

On this website there's a whole host of things about my past and present and when I get a chance I even add things that I like to think might be my future. In this 'Portfolio' section, I have a blog for my general thoughts and ramblings, a photo blog of some notable photos I've taken and a section for a few selected events that I'm organising/have organised.

My Tweeter Feed

DrAndyR It's been a while since I posted but I think this is very worthwhile sharing -my new #paper describing a novel… https://t.co/tkjAs4jGxE
DrAndyR @mgwhitfield I did actually read this back then but am totally useless at twitter! Spreadsheets deserve more respec… https://t.co/wa1VopAyUS