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Football in the rainIn April 2011 I began to organise, and play in, football games on a Tuesday lunchtime in Lancaster, UK. Games are for an hour at 12 noon every Tuesday on the 3G astroturf pitches at the Lancaster University campus. Each game costs £2 per person and is collected after the match each week. Despite me no longer being in Lancaster, these games are still going on and if you'd like to be added to the email distribution list just contact me and I'll put you in touch with the current organisers.

Typically they get between 12 and 24 people playing each week which amounts to 6aside games or more. The standard of those playing is very mixed, and everyone and anyone is more than welcome to play. Just head down to the pitch at 12 on a Tuesday and you will find us. If you're not sure where the pitches are in relation to the University please see the map below. Clicking the dropped pins will explain what they are and the line shows the route most players take from the CEH and LEC offices.

View To the astroturf in a larger map