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Vienna EGU 2014

In April 2013, I attended the European Geophysical Union general assembly in Vienna and gave both oral and poster presentations that were well received. Following from this I was invited to help convene the session I presented in but for the following year. I took the opportunity, and along with Lutz Weihermueller helped organised a session for EGU 2104. Unfortunately we did not have enough abstract submissions to run the session alone and combined our session with that of Raúl Zornoza to form session SSS 6.1, entitled "Soil carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions: sources, mechanisms, processes and management practices effects". The programme and details can be found here. I had limited involvement in the session until I arrived in Vienna that year but once there I coordinated and judged those posters from our session - a requirement for young researchers that present posters at the conference. I was also asked to chair the second half of our session. Although the room was big (150+ people) we had a good turnout and the presentations were well received. I was also fortunate enough to have only one presenter not stick to his allocated 15 minute timeslot!

From this experience I was keen to organise another session and while many of the co-conveners were not interested, myself Raúl and a couple of others were pro-active and organised a similar session, although more focussed on the processes that influence stabilisation of soil organic matter. For more information about the EGU 2015 session, please see this page.