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After convening a session at the European Geophysical Union general assembly in Vienna in 2014 I was keen to do so the following year and have more involvement in the whole process. Fortunately I was able to persue this with Raúl Zornoza and submitted an abstract for a session to present research regarding soil aggregation and the processes influencing soil carbon and nitrogen stabilisation. Unfortunately, however, this coincided with my few months of my PhD and I was unsure of my future so couldn't be sure I could attend the conference. As it so happened, we had insufficient abstracts submitted to the session to run it alone and therefore combined with another session to form SSS 5.2, entitled "Mechanisms and models of soil organic matter stabilization, mineralization and greenhouse gas emissions". More information about the session can be found here.

As I had feared, I was then offered a postdoctoral position at CSU and came to the realisation that I wouldn't be attending EGU 2015. The session, however, continued with a whole host of 'new' co-conveners and I am now looking forward to planning a similar session at the American Geophysical Union - less international travel! I am planning to submit an abstract to the upcoming assembly this Fall so if you're interested in being a co-convener let me know!