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Game Weekend was an event that I organised and hosted in Lancaster over one weekend in February 2013. The event took the same idea of Game Day but in essence was simply a longer version. On Friday evening, five teams of 3+ players were given a list of 250 tasks that I had come up with, each worth a weighted point score based on how difficult it was to complete, how embarrassing it was to the player(s), how much it may cost and how long it would take the team. Each team then set about completing the tasks they wanted to do and reported back in at lunchtime on Sunday. The team with the most points would win Game Weekend and a (quite lame) prize.

The tasks ranged from travelling across the UK and Europe, to drinking 3 cans of coke in less than 90 seconds. All tasks were proved with photos and videos where the evidence was reviewed by all teams on the Sunday after the check in. The event was a much bigger success than I imagined it would be, particularly after I originally thought there wouldn't be enough people taking part to make it worth it. Each of the 5 teams did a huge range of the tasks but still only 133 of the 250 were completed by one team or more. The final statistics of Game Weekend are presented below, with team 5 winning with 1641 points (out of a potential 11,116)! At the bottom of this page there are also the highlights of the event. If the video doesn't display correctly on this site, try this link.

GameWeekend Stats

Whilst Game Weekend was a big success, it also took its toll, particularly with those teams that really went for it and slept very little over the weekend. With that fresh in people's memory the mention of another event was thankfully avoided. But, in June, a few Game Weekend participants and myself were out drinking and the topic came back up; would there be another one. And if so, what would be the format. Game Day was a bit short, Game Weekend was too long to do it with full intensity (if desired), maybe Game24 would be just right...