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Bioenergy Symposium Flyer

Symposium Agenda

In March 2013 myself and a fellow PhD student organised a symposium for early career researchers within the field of bioenergy. To the left is the flyer for this event which briefly explains the topics covered, and to the right the agenda. Presentations were given over the two days and consisted of both PhD students and guest speakers to stimulate a discussion around a career in bioenergy. Further, a networking dinner was organised for the first night and was attended by a few others from the bioenergy industry. My own presentation can be found on this site through this link and the booklet I made for the event can be found here, including the abstracts of all those that presented. A list of these presenters and their titles is below.

Click the pictures of the flyer and agenda for enlarged versions.

    • Amy Thomas - Land use change for perennial energy crops
    • Ricardo da Costa - Analysis of the plant cell-wall glycome to optimise bioenergy and biorefinng applications of biomass feedstocks
    • Caitlin Burns - Characterising the functional role of mycorrhizal fungi in Miscanthus bioenergy cropping systems
    • Sean Case - Suppression of nitrous oxide emissions in an agricultural soil
    • Ben Keane - A new method of measuring trace gas emissions from bioenergy crops
    • Alice Massey - The impact of Miscanthus on soil carbon
    • Zoe Harris - Land use change to bioenergy: A quantitative analysis using meta-analytical methods
    • Tom Powell - Biomass CDR potentials in the global food system
    • Chris Barnes - The understanding of biodiversity in mycorrhizal associations within bioenergy crops is essential in understanding ecosystem functioning
    • Lynda Sainty - The feasibility of anaerobic digestion of species-rich upland meadow grass
    • Sarah McCormack - Biochar effects on soil invertibrate communities and soil processes in a temperate mesocosm experiment
    • Jon McCalmont - Greenhouse gas balance in the transition from semi-improved grassland to Miscanthus
    • Andy Robertson - Partitioning belowground CO2 emissions for a Miscanthus plantation in Lincolnshire, UK
    • Jonathan Oxley - ELUM and the bioenergy world
    • Kim Parmar - Drivers of potential GHG fluxes under bioenergy land use change in the UK

Please note - Contact information and affiliations of the authors can be found in the booklet linked above.