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  • Christmas at Home, Chester - December 2010
  • Hvar, Croatia - June 2013
  • Car lights at Night, Chester - July 2009
  • Edinburgh Botanical Gardens - November 2010
  • Sunrise over Firth of Forth, Edinburgh - May 2010
  • Breakfast Club, London - July 2013
  • Sunset over The Crags, Edinburgh - March 2010

Andy Spin Take PhotoI've never been particularly good when it comes to photography but I do like to try and ever since I got my first Digital SLR in 2004 I've dabbled whenever I get a chance. At the top of this page are some of the shots I've taken over the years that I'm quite fond of for one reason or another. 

Recently I got a new Sony Alpha a57 to replace my now aging Nikon D70 and since I've been motivated to use the full range of specs that the new technology has. That said, I'm failing miserably to find time to play around enough and so I don't have many good photos yet. When I get a chance I post any decent photos in my special photography blog which you can find here. Or using the menu at the top.