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G24 PillowLife's not all about work, money and having a career. In fact it's not really about any of that at all. In short, social things matter and getting that work-life balance just right is something that most of us spend our whole lives trying to achieve. I've blogged about these kinds of things a few times and it's never simple. However, one of the biggest risks I've come to realise is that it's all too easy to get caught up in work and things you 'have to do' without reminding yourself of all the great things in our lives. I'm incredibly lucky to have been born healthy to loving parents and in a country with a stable political structure and a high standard of living. Take out any one of those factors and my life would be very different, and sadly there are some people on this Earth living with none of those things that I simply take for granted.

So, this section of my website is simply dedicated to remind myself of (and make me actually type out) those things in my life that I love and how I am so lucky. This is broken up into two sections - Friends Everywhere and Travel. There may be some cross-posting when things come under more than one section, and don't forget to check my photo blog for less 'wordy' adventures into social matters!