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Friends Everywhere

I've been unbelievably lucky when it comes to my friends in this world. Wherever I've gone and whatever I've done I've managed to find people that are amazing friends and make my life a lot better! This little part of my website is really just a bit of a way that I can post everything and anything specific to different friend groups. Below is a very interesting infographic of the current location of all my friends on facebook (using the Wolfram Alpha online tool). The top map shows only the cities populated by one or more of my friends, and the enlarged UK map shows the density of friends living in each of these cities; the bigger the circle, the more people there.


Honestly, I quite like the idea of being able to see how my different social groups do and don't overlap. I'm certain that everyone has the same experience - when you meet up with your friends from high school, you immediately slip back into the social roles that you had back then - and when you meet up with uni friends it's all about going out for a drink and doing exactly what you did when you were 20yrs old! But as we all grow and change there are inevitable cross-overs between people and their friends. There's the age-old stereotypes that each social group has the organiser, the cool one, the crazy one etc. and it's no different for me. On the left of this page you'll find a few posts about reunions and some general musings about how much I love my friends!

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